Meeting Spaces

Gardom has several meetings spaces that are great for meetings and gatherings of any size. We have tables and chairs as well as sound and video equipment for indoor and outdoor events.

Chapel (NEW!)

200+ chairs, tables, video equipment, sound equipment (basic), stage hookups, sound booth, bathrooms, wood stove, lighting options, elevator accessible, internet
This space is part of a recent expansion at Gardom. Located upstairs in our Lodge the Chapel room is large enough to hold a group of over 200 people. The Chapel is accessible by stairs and elevator, it has a large stage and is well lit with lots of different lighting options and lots of outlets for doing events. There is a sound booth in the chapel that is currently only equipped with basic equipment. Just outside the chapel is two washrooms and a fountain that makes doing events accessible and easy.

Bears Den Multipurpose Room

80+ chairs, tables, video equipment, sound equipment (basic), bathrooms, wood stove, speaker, internet
The Multipurpose room is located just off of the dining hall in our main Lodge. This room lives up to its name and is a great space for events, meetings, or even a second dining room. There is a large glass door that can open up and make it part of the dining hall or it can close to be its own room. Tables and chairs are available for this room and it comfortably seats around 80 people.

Small Meeting Room

20 chairs, tables, video equipment, sound equipment (basic), bathrooms, internet
Small Room in the upstairs of the lodge, has a whiteboard and can seat about 20 people comfortably.

The Point

Bleachers for 100 people, fire pit, picnic tables, outhouses, road accessible, no power, all season
The Point is a special place at Gardom that has been used for campfires for years, It sits on the far side of our site overlooking the lake and is accessible by vehicles and walking. The Point has large bleachers surrounding a fire pit and it seats around 100 people.


Seating for 200 people, fire pit, lit, power, partially covered stage, road accessible, all season
Another recent addition to Gardom Lake, the Amphitheatre has a large partially covered stage that is powered and lit with an optional firepit inside it. The seating is tiered and made out of concrete. The whole structure is nestled into the hillside a short walk from our main lodge, and is a perfect spot for campfires, events, concerts, or church gatherings.

Encounter Amphitheatre (Mt. Sanai)

Seating for 50 people, fire pit, road accessible, all season
This outdoor spot is one of the crowning beauties of Gardom Lake and is part of our Encounter Camp. The Encounter Amphitheatre or Mt. Sanai is a short hike or drive up the hill from our main site, it can seat around 50 people and has a campfire pit, stage, and a beautiful view. For More info Check out our Encounter page.


Seats 300+, power, heat, tables, chairs, Sports Equipment
Although not a traditional meeting space, the Gym has been used to great effect as a meeting space for large groups. There is possibilities for huge groups to meet indoors and it is easily accessible, heated, and can be equipped with chairs and tables.
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