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Jr Staff at Gardom Lake Bible Camp

Jr Staff at Gardom Lake Bible Camp, is for campers or anyone who would like to go deeper with their faith and would like to become staff at GLBC. The Jr. Staff program runs for three weeks at Gardom Lake for two sessions a summer. Both sessions of Jr staff run alongside the regular main camp program of GLBC. While the program is often involved with the main camp it is distinctly different and takes participants on an intense 3 week adventure that includes, outtrips, sessions, discipleship training, service projects, games, leading campers, and many more things. The main focus of the Jr. Staff program is discipleship and leadership training for ages 15-16. The Jr. Staff program is split into two groups, Student Leaders (SL) and Leaders In Training (LIT), while both groups spend much of their time together the focus of each is different.

The cost for the three week program is approximately the cost of one week of camp.

Session 1 - June 29th - July 19th

Session 2 - July 27th - August 16th 

Jr. Staff go home on weekends after staff meeting on Friday and return Sunday at 2

Servant Leaders (SL)
15 years old

A Servant Leader is the first step in the Jr. Staff program. Servant Leaders focus more on what it means to serve others, spending more time on the behind the scenes running of camp program. Servant Leaders are in a more support role and less in leadership as they are trained to understand what it means to be a disciple of Jesus, and what leadership looks like. Servant Leaders are paired up with a cabin and spend time supporting the Cabin Leader and assisting wherever they can.

Leaders In Training (LIT)
16 years old

Leaders In Training (LIT) is the second step in the Jr. Staff program. LIT is focused on what spiritual leadership looks like. Leaders In Training spend more time preparing for becoming a Cabin Leader or Support member of the Gardom Lake Staff. Part of this preparation involves actually Cabin Leading for one week. LIT’s are expected to bring leadership to the Jr. Staff program and their peers and upon concluding the program are thoroughly equipped to become a leader at Gardom Lake or in any other role that they may pursue.

Both steps of the Jr. Staff program work closely together to learn and grow as a single team, this involves eating, working, and living in close proximity allowing for deep friendships and growth in the Jr. Staff community.