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Encounter Outdoor Camp

Gardom Lake is very excited to start offering our wilderness camp for use by schools. Encounter is a wilderness themed camp that is focused on an outdoor camping experience.
Located in the forest on the mountain at Gardom Lake; Encounter is a short hike from our main site and is also accessible by road. Encounter is equipped with several smaller activities but its main focus and charm comes from the camping experience that it facilitates. Encounter contains outdoor covered space for kids to hang out, a fully stocked outdoor kitchen, five large tents on platforms, shower platform, a campfire amphitheatre space, and a lava forest playground.
Encounter camp has everything that a group needs to make a successful camping trip including: cots and mattresses, cooking supplies, barbeque, fire pits and grates, running water, and a cabin to store supplies.
Encounters facilities accommodate the safe storage and cooking of food materials, Gardom Lake will assist in the storage and transport of goods as needed, and will provide fridge/ freezer access as well.

Encounter Programing Options

Encounters facilities are ideally suited for use in outdoor education and wilderness education. Encounter provides safe space that kids can use to learn about camping and survival and really enjoy themselves while doing some activities. Gardom Lake will work with any group to help them with programing options. Gardom staff are trained to facilitate a wide range of activities and are flexible in the approach. Encounters facilities can be used for activities with the option of activities at the main camp.

Encounter Facilities

Base Camp

Base Camp is the heart of the Encounter camp. Base camp has a covered area for eating and relaxing, as well as fire pits for cooking and warmth. There is an outdoor kitchen and cabin for storing supplies and cooking. Encounter is fully stocked with dishes, cookware, grates, roasting sticks, dish washing and hand washing areas with warm water, barbeque and brick oven.

Tent Platforms

Encounter has five large tents on platforms that provide space for sleeping and relaxing. Each tent is equipped with 10 cots and mattresses and are short walks from the outhouses and Base Camp


In keeping with the themes of camp outdoor camping; Encounter is equipped with lots of free-play activities that facilitate relaxed play such as a ropes swing, board games, bolla ball, spike ball, and others. Encounter has four target sport ranges; archery, pellet guns, slingshots, and knife/axe throwing. In addition, groups may arrange to use some of the main sites activities and have access to the Gardom Lake Camp beach with all of its boats and docks.


Encounters amphitheatre contains seating for around 60 people and is situated with a fantastic view of the lake. The amphitheatre has a fire pit for campfires and also has a stage with surround seating for 30 that makes it a multi function space.

Lava Forest Playground

A lava forest is an excellent place for kids to unwind, the lava forest is a playground built with the ideas of free-play and constant movement in mind.